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Wed, Dec. 22nd, 2004, 12:31 pm
jumpx3forjoy22: Here we go....

Guys, seeing as to how I am good at appointing myself to positions (just look at MVC - self-appointed president, thaaaaat's rite), I have made some executive decisions with completely no backing and no permission from anyone. But I am sure you will either agree with me or just shake your head and allow me to continue believing I have some influence. ANYWAY...

Since Maya makes the most posts and comes up with the most ideas, she is now President of the Ivy Fan Club. Congratulations, Maya Yabumoto.

Since I seem to enjoy digging up information on Ivy and know such things as his address, the dog-like behavior of his cats, and the eye color of his children, I am now Secretary of Information Management for the Ivy Fan Club. Congratulations, me.

Since Laura actually created the site, she should be in charge of advertisement and is therefore now Head of Public Relations for the Ivy Fan Club. Congratulations, Laura Pardon.

Since Dima came up with the uber-cool crossword puzzle for us all, she is now Director of Creativity and Media. Congratulations, Dima Alfawakhiri.

Since Emma is the first person to join out of sheer curiosity she is now the first Amused Onlooker. Congratulations, Emma Boylan. May many more follow.

Well now you all know your jobs. If you have an issue with your position, please discuss it with either President Yabumoto or Ms. Smith, who is also serving as the President's Chief of Staff. Also, we will shortly be needing someone to serve as Secretary of the Treasury, especially if we are to purchase that $54 star for Ivy by graduation. Well, happy birthday to me, and have a nice day!!

Thu, Dec. 23rd, 2004 12:11 am (UTC)

I'm honored. I had no idea Maya's bizarre demand would lead to such personal prestige and limitless power!